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"The Worst Day Of The Week".

sundays garments was started as a creative project in January of 2019 by Jasper Axel Falck. As the brand is a "project", it's development is supposed to be a process. It is meant as a personal learning experience in the fields of fashion, graphic design and business management, while simultaneously serving as a creative outlet. We hope that the energy behind our pieces resonates with our audience and enables our customers to express themselves through the way they dress. The final goal of the project is to make a lasting impact on the industry by experimenting with different types of ideas and drawing inspiration from alternative and sometimes even unorthodox sources. We hope that our hard work can and will inspire others to chase their dreams no matter the circumstance or possible risk involved.

Thank you for your support. Welcome to my mind. - Jas


Est. 2019, Tampere, Finland.